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With the Crystal Clear restoration, this cycle of net accumulation of moisture is reversed. Using , precision tools, our technicians re-engineer a window by  introducing access points so the unit can expel moisture on its own. 

The secret to the Crystal Clear Window Works process involves the installation of  Defogger Sieves. When the sun shines on the window this allows the vaporized moisture in the chamber to vent to the outside. In a very short period, all moisture is expelled from the environment. The sealed unit no longer accumulates moisture and has recovered its insulating properties. 

No mess from tearing out the sash. No inconvenience, with work often performed from the exterior of the dwelling.

An eco-friendly restoration for windows and patio doors at a fraction of the cost!

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Moisture diffusion into a sealed window unit is unavoidable and continuous. Manufacturers deal with this reality by loading adsorption material, or 'desiccant', in the spacer bar construction of every unit. This material is used to absorb water molecules. The material comes in the form of beads, similar to those you find accompanying new leather and electronic products. 

Over time, as moisture accumulates, the unit finally reaches a threshold saturation point; it becomes visible as condensation between the plates of glass.

As moisture becomes permanent this progressively leaves deposits, strips the insulating properties of the unit, and scars’ the glass. Once scarred, the window may not be salvageable.

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There is much more to a window then we realize. A ‘ruptured’ seal brings moisture into a window unit and reduces visibility through the window, looks unpleasant and also lowers the insulation value of the window.

In most cases, this can be repaired through our Crystal Clear Window Works restoration process.

The majority of failed windows are found on the sunny side of the property. When the sun's rays hit a window, the temperature between the panes of glass increases. This temperature increase causes a rise in pressure on the glass and on the seals. When the temperature drops, a negative pressure is exerted on the glass and seals. 

Over time this pressure increase and decrease causes moisture to be pumped into the window. This moisture builds up and condensation between the panes of glass eventually causes the window to “fail”. This failure decreases a windows ability to provide proper insulation and also a pleasing view.

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